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Medium Haircuts for Women with Bangs

It’s easy to think that there’s only one medium hairstyle out there. In fact, there’s more variety available then with long hair! And that’s just with bangs. At this perfect in-between long and short length, there are so many medium haircuts for women so check out these pictures to find one that works for your look and lifestyle!


Just like your go-to little black dress, this medium hairstyle with bangs combines the best of both worlds – comfort and style! The bob-like cut works for every hair type, from thick to fine hair pictured above. Side swept bangs add intrigue to the simple style while flattering every face shape.




Layering is another way to bring form and finesse to medium haircuts for women. They also add volume, body, and movement to every type of hair and make hair extra easy to style. For hair that has some wave to it, layers all over bring out hair’s natural texture.

Bangs can also be a unique feature of any hairstyle. This fringe lightens up thick, heavy hair with angled cuts that keep hair full on top and wispy at the ends. Wear it straight forward for brow-skimming or pulled across the forehead for something a little different.


For us, medium hair covers anything between chin and shoulder length (and is easy to wear). This medium-long bob with side bangs fits the bill on both counts. It’s simple, sleek, and sophisticated.

All you need to dress up this cut is gorgeous color. We won’t tell if it’s not yours! Style this look by blow drying it sleek and straight and flat ironing any areas that don’t cooperate. Finish with a lightweight product that won’t weight fine hair down but is strong enough for thick hair, like Got2b Glossy Shine Anti-frizz Serum. Or on weekends or casual days, let hair air dry. Bob hairstyles are still super stylish when they’re that right kind of messy.


3 Sassy and Fun Medium Haircuts with Bangs

There was a time that medium hair was seen negatively as a mom-cut but supermodel Karlie Kloss showed us all how sophisticated a chin length cut can be. And it’s still so easy to wear! Here are 3 more sassy and fun medium haircuts with bangs that defy stereotypes.


The flapper bob with bangs was the original medium hairstyle worn by progressive, independent, and fashion forward women in the 1920s. This look has never grown old and still looks fierce and bold. It looks great with straight locks and curly hair too. To style, blow dry bangs to make sure they lie flat and use a lightweight product like blowpro Mane Tame Soft Pomade specially formulated at NYC blow.




An easy way to update any haircut is with color! This easy wash and wear cut with bangs gets a bold update with a purple tone. If that’s too much for you, try a semi-permanent option in bright red or light auburn.

This adorable cut has subtle layering at the front to keep hair out of the eyes and opens up the face. Hair at the back is cut blunt to boost volume and fullness.


One of the ways to create a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle is by adding angles. This fabulous and flattering cut takes side swept bangs to the next level by making them the focal point of this medium haircut. This cut works for every face shape and couldn’t be easier to wear. As seen above, it works for hair with some wave in it as well as being a great option for straight hair.

To style, use a lightweight serum for just enough control to tame frizz and fly-aways. Use a shine product that also combats frizz like Got2b Glossy. Apply the product to damp or dry hair and you’re all set!


Cute Layered Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

It is possible to have a gorgeous hairstyle that doesn’t take long to style. First, going medium length or shorter cuts down drying time and makes hair ultra manageable.

Second, layers add volume, body, and movement to hair at every length. For neck-grazing hair, layered medium hairstyles with bangs lighten up thick hair and create a gorgeous shape with minimal styling. Here’s hot to get this adorable look.


To get the perfect cut for your lifestyle and face shape, talk to your stylist before any cutting gets started. Bring up any issues you have with hair like cowlicks, oily hair, or areas that just don’t do what you want. Also mention any concerns you have, like wanting to cover a high forehead or minimize wide cheeks. Changing your cut can do wonders for your face and excellent stylists know how to flatter everyone.



Last, most stylists will ask how long you spend on hair each day but if they don’t, be sure to mention if you’re a wash-and-go kinda girl or are happy to spend time drying and styling hair. With this information, your stylist will customize your hairstyle of choice.

This layered medium haircut is adorable and easy to wear. Side swept bangs are attractive on everyone and especially for this high forehead. Layers lighten up thick hair and bring out wavy texture, boosting volume without any product. The cut is more layered around the sides than the back, keeping hair out of the face.


Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair with Bangs

Is your thick hair too much of a good thing? If heavy hair is weighing you down, let it go! Medium length haircuts are gorgeous and even better, so easy to style. Keep reading for one of the best medium hairstyles for thick hair with bangs!


One of the advantages of medium hair is that cuts can be structured, like this lovely bob with bangs. Even with minimal styling, this cut will hold its shape, gently curling under the chin and angling up at the back.

Another benefit of shorter hair, is reduced styling time! Especially with thick hair, drying time will be so much less. Blow dry hair sleek and straight for a polished finish or let hair a little bit loose. Follow this quick and easy tutorial for 2013’s loose wavy look.

Heavy fringe further cuts down the weight of thick hair in a side swept cut that flatters every face shape. To make sure they lie flat and exactly how you want by giving them a blast with your dryer right out of the shower whether you blow or air dry hair.


Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

Adding bangs to any hairstyle makes the look your own. There are so many cute medium haircuts with bangs to choose from! Keep reading for all the gorgeous options below.


If you’re an indie girl, rock full on fringe like Zooey D. Or to minimize a high forehead or balance wide cheeks, side swept bangs are for you. Or if you’re non-committal, wispy fringe is the best of both worlds.

Above, just a hint of bangs is part of a layered cut that also covers part of the forehead. You’ve seen this lovely look on Mandy Moore, Ashley Simpson, and even Jessica Biel.

Bangs are part of a cute and easy medium haircut but still require a little styling. Light fringe will always dry quickly, almost immediately out of the shower, leading to unpredictable consequences. Get bangs to lie just the way you want to with a blast of hot air and a touch of the right product.

To wear bangs straight, use a lightweight serum like John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution. Or for bangs that have some piecey texture, a salt spray like the lavender-scented version from John Masters Organics tame frizz without any crunch. If bangs tend to get greasy or oily, get a volume boost or a second day out of hair with a dry shampoo or Serge Normant Dry Oil Finishing Spray.


Medium Vintage Hairstyles with Bangs

Medium hair first came into style at the beginning of the 19th century when it was worn by daring actresses and bold society ladies. The length remains fashionable to this day, especially with the resurgence of vintage hairstyles inspired by Downton Abbey and the Great Gatsby.

These medium vintage hairstyles strike the balance between retro glamor and clean modern lines. Keep reading for how to get the look!


The bob is one of the most versatile and flattering haircuts out there. It can be customized for any hair type, facial features, and personal style. This  fabulous cut uses layering all around to create a gorgeous rounded profile.

The curved shape contrasts with bangs that angle down into a V shape for a vamp finish. This would also be amazing with bangs worn cut blunt straight across or on an angle or some wispy side swept bangs.


Medium Hairstyles for Teens

Looking for a new haircut for back to school? Nothing is cuter and easier then medium hairstyles for teens! Check out this hot cut for fashion forward teens with better things to do than spending hours blow drying or curling long locks.


High school is the perfect time to follow the latest fashion trends while experimenting with your own unique style. You can do that in so many different ways, combining hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothes. One way to showcase your style personality everyday is with a signature haircut.

This cute cut is a great example – it’s a little bit quirky, a little bit indie, and totally sweet. The side swept bangs look great on absolutely everyone, even if you have concerns like a high forehead or round face.

The shortest hair is chin length with the rest of hair hitting exactly at shoulder height. This is a perfect cut for easy everyday styling or to grow out short hair. Hair hitting the shoulders can tend to curl up at the edges so either go with it by rocking a loose wavy style or spend a few minutes flat ironing hair to get this ultra straight look. For hair this length, a 1″ travel flat iron will do the trick.


Medium Length Bob with Side Bangs

The bob is a classic and timeless medium haircut that is always in style. Slightly longer than the original 1920s flapper style, this chin length update is flattering on absolutely everyone. Here’s how to wear the medium length bob with side bangs!


So many celebrities have been seen with versions of medium bob hairstyles – from Posh to Paris Hilton. A more structured version of Karlie Kloss’ chop, this haircut is as stylish as it is easy to wear! Plus the side swept bangs flatter every face shape.

Just a few products will get you ready in no time! A volumizing mousse will add body and movement allover to thick as well as flat hair. Just rub it through damp hair and let air or blow dry. For fine or thin air, get more volume at the crown with a spritz of dry shampoo, like this fabulous one from Philip B.

Last, the right brush can reduce frizz and add shine for a super smooth finish. This round brush by Conair and John Frieda does all that and can be used to gently curl ends under to frame the face.